Single Tail Pipes

63mm Stainless Steel Tail Pipes

  • 63mm ROUND Straight
  • 63mm ROUND Cut Back
  • 63mm ROUND Straight Crid Lip
  • 63mm ROUND Cut Backcurl Lip
  • 63mm OVAL Straight

76mm Stainless Steel Tail Pipes

  • 76mm ROUND Straight
  • 76mm ROUND Straight Curl inlip
  • 76mm OVAL Straight Curl inlip
  • 76mm ROUND DOMED
  • 76mm ROUND Thick Lip
  • 76mm ROUND CutBackCurl Inlip
  • 76mm ROUND CutBack Inner
  • 76mm ROUND Cut Back
  • 76mm ROUND Flared Lip
  • 76mm ROUND Curl Inlip puff
  • 76mm ROUND Cut back curl puff

88mm Stainless Steel Tail Pipes

  • 88mm ROUND Straight
  • 88mm ROUND Cutback

90mm Stainless Steel Tail Pipes

  • 90mm ROUND Cut BackCurl in lip
  • 90mm ROUND Straight Curl in lip
  • 90mm OVAL Straight

101mm Stainless Steel Tail Pipes

  • 101mm OVAL straight
  • 101mm ROUND Curl Inlip
  • 101mm ROUND CutBack Curl Inlip
  • 101mm S500 OVAL Thick lip
  • 101mm ROUND Straight
  • 101mm ROUND Cut Back


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